Created By David Jeffway


The FloraLume Ceramic Vase-Lamp combines the simple decorative features of a vase with the functionality of modern lighting. This table vase-lamp acts as a showpiece in any home or business. Warm light LEDs provide ambient light. A luminous RGB rim allows you to choose any color that fits the setting to gently illuminate the flowers inside the vase. Whether a cool light blue with white daisies, a deep red with romantic roses, or a multicolor rainbow mode, FloraLume has the ability to accommodate any ambiance. A simple remote gives the user the ability to adjust the brightness, color, or mode of the light from across the room.Created By Brad Litman


Activate the light by turning the crank, which extends the top "slice" piece. The light gets brighter as more of the "slice" is extended and exposed, giving you as much or as little light as you desire.